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Rabu, 14 Januari 2015


Tugas Pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris Berbantuan Komputer 3

Ketentuan mengerjakan soal:
Soal terdiri dari 3 type soal. Type soal A,B,dan C. Kerjakanhanya 3 soal. Masing-masing 1 soal dari tiap type soal. Kerjakan sesuai dengan 3 digit terakhir NPM. Misal NPM 10609234. Kalian kerjakan soal no.2 dari type soal A, kemudian soal no.3 dari type soal B, dan no.4 dari type soal C.
Sertakan nama, NPM dan kelas sebelum mengerjakan soal.
Choose the incorrect answer (A,B,C, or D), then give the right answer.


1.      After John eaten dinner, he wrote  several letters and went to bed.
                     A                                  B              C                              D

2.      If baby geese is hatched in the absence of their mother, they  will follow the first
                      A                                             B                   C           D
moving object they see.

3.      Water  boil  at  212 degrees F, and freezes at 32 degrees F.
    A      B     C                                     D

4.     If she borrows your coat, then you should  be able to borrow her.
               A                                          B          C                        D

5.      Not only  her parents  but also  her brother and sister  lives  in New York.
     A                                B                       C                     D

6.      My Friend, Jim has not  complete  the assignment yet, and Mary hasn’t either.
                              A            B                                              C                           D

7.      If a crisis occurs, those unfamiliar with the procedures wouldn’t know how  to handle
                     A                          B                                                                   C               D
the situation.

8.      Mary go  to bed after she  had  drunk the medicines.
           A                      B     C       D

9.      The flights were  cancel by them  because of fog.
                      A       B             C           D

10.  A new ring road round the city is being build by them.
A                                               B              C            D


1.      He got  the worse  score in  this  class.
       A         B                   C    D

2.      The  sheepdog is chasing after  the sheeps which is  heading over the hill.
                         A                B                                 C                   D

3.      Neither Tom or  Jane  is  going  to the beach today.
                      A           B     C                             D

4.      When she retired in 1989, tennis champion  Christine Evert was the most 
                     A                             B                                                   C            
famous women athlete  in the United Stated.
5.      Please give me  a few  coffee and some donuts  if you have any left.
                  A        B                              C                         D        

6.      She won’t  be going to the conference, and neither won’t  her colleagues.
          A            B                                                                       D

7.      He couldn’t gave  me  a good reasons, for what he did.
                       A    B                                    C            D

8.      Mary had to balanced her account very carefully because she had only
                           A                                                B                            C               
little money.

9.      The Egyptians first discovered that dying fruits preserved it, made it sweeterand
                           A                                          B                                                    C
improve  its flavor.

10.  Our friends might stopped  to see us  on  their  way to California.
                                   A            B        C     D


1.      Daniel said that if he had to do  homework tonight, he wouldn’t have been 
                                              A                          B                     C
able to attend  the concert.

2.      Peter had already saw  that musical before  he  read  the reviews about it.
                                    A                                 B               C                           D

3.      Almost all  books have a few errors in them in spite of  the care taken to check
      A                                                                    B                           C
its  froof pages before the final printing.

4.      Tom and her sister studies biology last year, and so does Jean.
                     A                                    B                     C                        D
5.      The examination will test  your ability to understand spoken English, to
                                    A                                                   B
readnon-technical language, and writing  correctly.
                                                                        C         D

6.      The sooner  you leave the earliest  you will  arrive at your destination.
                    A                B                C              D

7.      If Rudy would have studied  German in college, he wouldn’t have found the
scientific terminology so difficult to understand.
                   C                                          D

8.      After she had bought  herself  a new automobile, she sell  her bicycle.
                                    A             B                                            C      D

9.      He isn’t driving  to the convention in March, and  neither they are.
                  A            B                                      C                        D

10.  John went to the mountains on his vacation, and  we   had gone too.                                                               A         B     C        

NPM : 12611406
Class : 4SA03

Type A
Type B
10.a.mighty stopped
Type C
6.c.the earlier

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